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Spicy and Creamy Chicken Wings (Chicken Halang-Halang)

Chicken Halang Halang is a Filipino dish that is popular in Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines. “Halang” literally means chilli hot hence a lot of chillies will be used in this dish. But for those who don’t like it hot, you can always adjust the amount of chillies you want to use. There are several versions of this dish, one of which is with coconut milk, some don’t use coconut milk but has more chillies and ginger, others also cook the dish until it dries out but one thing remains, the dominant taste of ginger and chillies.

For my version, I’ll be using coconut milk to have the creamy flavor and add up shrimp paste (bagoong) and crab fat (aligue) for a very appetizing taste. This dish is guaranteed to tempt you to increase your rice intake, so forget about your diet for a while and satisfy your craving.

Watch how to cook chicken halang-halang

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KFC Style Crispy Fried Chicken

Craving for KFC Fried Chicken but cannot go out? Why not try this recipe and have your cravings satisfied at your very own home. This dish will make your mouth-watery for its juiciness. Paired with gravy sauce that will make you wish for more.

Created by my own version of breading mixture and special gravy sauce, this dish will be loved by your family, specially your kids and friends. The secret to its crispeness is marinating the chicken with fresh milk and deep frying chicken with medium heat until golden brown.

Watch how to cook KFC style fried chicken

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