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The Secret In Cooking The Perfect SPAM Fried Rice

A great way to use up leftover rice, this quick fried rice cooks up with carrots, eggs, and spam as main ingredient. Indulge to this quick recipe and enjoy your morning with delicious breakfast.

The reason why so many fried rice recipes call for leftover rice : Dried out cold rice gets much crispier in the skillet than the freshly cooked stuff. This is the secret of a delicious fried rice.

Watch how to cook the perfect spam fried rice

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Happy Eating!


Author: Thea's Kitchen

Welcome to Thea's Kitchen! I’m a mom living in Singapore and a huge fan of pinoy food. I'll be sharing with you my own version of famous Filipino and internation recipes. I have created this website to share my passion in cooking and a goal to help others to learn and enjoy cooking the best way possible. Please enjoy and hope you learn new delicious recipes.

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